My 10 Day Digital Detox was just the thing i needed

Initial Days won’t be easy (and that’s okay)

I had to go to Udaipur for 10 days (not like a trip, more like a yearly ritual to visit my dad’s place). But on my way, on the flight, I vowed that for the next 10 days it’s a “bye-bye” to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube even Tumblr.

I was more in present (than stalking someone else’s life)

Better Sleep

I could find myself getting unstuck

How sometimes we enter a crowded train and it just feels that our personal space is evaded and we can’t breathe! The moment we step out of the train you finally feel free. Our mind needs that breathing space too.

Escaping the need to click zillion photos

Going to a new place and not caring about getting a perfect click is an underrated pleasure.



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